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Borley Christian Matchmaking is an elite matchmaking service for established Christian singles, passionate about their relationship with Christ and ready to find a life partner who shares in that passion. Our firm believes in order to be a great match, one should first strive to be a great Christian. Consequently, to better serve our clientele and increase the rate of success in matchmaking, Borley’s exclusive group of Potential Matches include only those who meet a uniquely made and biblically inspired list of in house criteria.


Founder and lead matchmaker, Borley Quaye, aims to provide a solution to a great problem found in the Christian community through Borley Christian Matchmaking. With a focus on advancing the Kingdom of God, the author of the provoking book, Worth the Wahala, challenges many to know their worth, make wise decisions and be the best they can be. Borley graduated from Spelman College in 2012 with a B.A. in Psychology. Her desire to start matchmaking professionally came after the engagement of two of her co-workers, who met at a game night she strategically held to spark love within her diverse network of guests. Having seen personally and amongst her peers the great demand for a service such as this in the Christian community, she decided to jump into the match making industry full throttle.

"Many Christians today are struggling to find their match or are settling for a relationship that is outside of the biblical standard. God has called us to be in relationship (Genesis 2:18) however there are many blessings connected to doing it His way (Romans 10:11)."

Borley Web Logo.png
Bunch of roses

Our Team 

Committed to God, his wife and kids, and seeing Kingdom singles succeed in finding their match.

A truly Holy Spirit led Kingdom counselor; her secret, the fear of the Lord. 

Called to Medicine and Ministry, Rev. Dr. Harris’ goal is to connect God’s people no matter the age to flourish in love and kingdom relationship.


W E   L O O K   F O R W A R D   T O   S E R V I N G   Y O U !

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